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Here are short video clips as well as full-length interviews I did with my SmartBody SmartMind alumni, and also loads of written testimonials.  

*Note – Some of these folks were in the program when it was called “The New Inner Game”, so if you hear them mention that, or “the game”, that’s what they are referring to. Same program, different name.  

John Sykes, Hospitality Worker and Art Therapist. Sydney, Australia

'I Have Hopes & Dreams Again!'  

Arlene Flecha, Maryland, USA

On SmartBody SmartMind Being The Missing Link To Empowerment  

Marloes van Eck SBSM Alumni

Thanks so much for the invite to return as a SBSM alum. It’s actually thanks to SBSM that I won’t join you this round. I’ve participated in the last 3 rounds and as a consequence of the nervous system work I’ve done and continue to do, I’m now well enough and able to follow my personal mission of being able to share this work with others :))))))))))  

This year I’m in my intermediate/advanced year of Somatic Experiencing training and part way through Gabor Mate’s new Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner course.  

I am so grateful to you for your guidance in my healing journey and to be on this path.  

Kajsa Futrell Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. SBSM ALumni

Hello Irene and team! I am super grateful for the work you are doing. This programme is excellent, well paced and respectful. Irene, you have a good balance between pushing and encouraging us but also teaching about listening to our own flow. We all need to be careful not to override but then also not to collapse either.I also appreciate the balance between the education (and I love all the extra links!) and the exercises-practising.

For myself, I have spent most of my adult life working on my mental, emotional and spiritual health BUT I have not been embodied. Finally now here's a programme that teaches that. However, if I had not done all my other work it would have been too triggering being in my body like this without one on one support with a SE preactitioner. You do suggest this and now I am doing it that as well.

Early in this programme as I started the exercises I was blown away by the level of terror in my body - I had no idea. Feeling this so early in the programme alongside your insistence that we respect our bodies, I learnt to listen and go slow (for the first time in my life!!!), and not complete exercises (wow, that too is new for me!). I developed a deep empathy and respect for myself (again very new for me!) and a desire to be gentle and respectful with myself - also new for me!

This alone is so HUGE and life changing for me, in ALL areas. I still do have huge resistance to doing the exercises but as I can repeat and repeat your programme, I can go slow. It is so huge having this new relationship with myself, and many many times during the day I'm checking in with my body tensions and releasing, while going about my daily activities. Also listening more to my physical body's needs-thirst, peeing etc.

Irene, I love your passion for your work and I too get very excited about the deep need on our planet for trauma education, which is actually becoming more mainstream BUT being embodied and HOW TO BE EMBODIED IS STILL MISSING! As a survivor of childhood/teenage sexual abuse (which is so rampant on our planet let alone all the other traumas, simply being in a human body on this planet is traumatic!) anyway there is still not a felt sense or understanding of how very very slow we need to go. Trauma survivors have no frame of reference, no anchor…..very very terrifying to start encountering that inner terrain until there is a sense of internal safety, which this programme helps to build.

Thank you again Irene, I am hugely passionate about your work and have been spreading the word. Doing this work is 'walking the talk', the most difficult but this is REAL. So many therapists need to get REAL, let alone all the other healers and teachers out there….your work is humbling and also empowering AND there is no bullshit!

Thank you thank you

Sue Melbourne, Australia. SBSM Alumni

I came across the SBSM program by sheer 'accident' - I was clearing out my email Junk folder and almost deleted the email but something in the title caught my eye - something along the lines of Trauma Releasing and as I'd been through a very difficult 4 yrs and had some new trauma enter my life, and because I believe in synchronicity, I thought I'd take a look.

Well, that's when my real journey began - I had been to psychologist after psychologist, tried a myriad alternative and spiritual practices which I still implement, etc. which all helped to a certain point but I knew both intuitively and physically that I had trapped emotions in my body, I literally felt them and I knew I needed to 'get them out' in order to heal but didn't know how.

When I watched Irene's 3 free healing trauma videos I felt a surge of hope and I wanted to try the program out but it was quite expensive and wouldn't be an easy journey either. It was a tough decision to initially make as I'd handed over so much money already trying to find the right thing for me and was struggling financially and knew the program was a lot of money for me to spend. After many weeks of indecision I finally came to the conclusion that this felt 'right' for me and if I didn't at least try it nothing would change and I literally couldn't keep going the way I was. So I managed to scrape the money together, made many sacrifices, and with the payment plan made it workable.

Irene was also completely upfront about the commitment the program would require, financially, emotionally and physically, BUT the huge benefit was that once you became a member of the program you became a life member, had ongoing access to the content and was able to also attend the program when it was run live each time (online). I thought, wow this is indeed an investment, once paid there's no more costs and you get ongoing support and a member's group to connect with any time so you won't ever feel alone or broken again AND forever!

So I made the commitment and felt very nervous about all the stuff that would come up and I did struggle throughout the whole program as did many others. I did manage to go through the program completely which I didn't know if I'd be able to as it does bring up a lot of stuff but with Irene and her team's full support and encouragement to go at our own pace and no shame if you did drop out in this round there was no pressure, only encouragement and opportunities to challenge ourselves.

I feel totally empowered now and have so many tools which I'm beginning to remember to implement in my daily life and can check in with our Facebook group anytime. I would encourage anyone who truly wants to understand and release trapped trauma and especially those who have tried everything else with little or no lasting results, to try this all encompassing program. It's not a quick fix, there's no certificate at the end as there is no end - this is a lifelong journey of discovery, understanding, integration and release but it is one of EMPOWERMENT and as Irene says, as we heal ourselves we heal others along the way, so we are all helping humanity release collective trapped trauma. What an awesome thing to create!

Mathilde J Berry, Artist, Hamburg Germany Finding Resiliencey, Authenticity, and Creative Freedom Through the SBSM Practices and Community

Mason Bresset, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, East Vancouver, Canada

On Developing Confidence and Self-Trust  

Stephanie Dodier, Clinical Nutritionist. Toronto, Canada

Solving Food Issues & A Lot More By Addresing The Root Cause

Tereza Hrdličková Feldenkrais Practitioner, Prague, Czech Republic. SBSM Alumni

Irene's 12-week program has been a deep multi-layer learning for me. It has brought me huge enrichment both personally and professionally.

It influenced how I am in my daily life, how I relate, how I parent, how I understand myself, how I work. It improved greatly my ability to understand and recognize my stress responses and provided me with tools to shift them and to process "unpleasant" feelings and sensation. It has been intense learning about the autonomic nervous system, stress physiology and trauma, though everything I've learned makes absolute sense in my work as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Actually it has been challenging and changing my thinking and practicing.

I have a busy practice in Prague. I have had many happy clients, still, I found with many of my clients I didn't have the tools I needed to get results that stay. I've found that what Irene teaches is what I am searching for. Thanks to the program I have greater understanding of the tools I learnt in the Feldenkrais training and how to use them to the benefit of clients, plus I've learned new tools that have totally changed how I work with clients that have trauma, which I can also perceive now more clearly. Last but not least I got greater understanding of whom my work really is for, what I can offer, and when I should refer people to a trauma specialist.

My conviction after finishing Irene's program is that it is very beneficial for any practitioner, and any human, to have the understanding and experience of autonomic nervous system regulation, stress physiology, ability to recognize trapped trauma, and know how a traumatized system will tend to respond. Irene offers us a chance to learn all of this, and to feel and sense what biological safety is and how to gain more of this quality. I recommend the 12-week program as a postgraduate education to any practitioner.

Lisa Dennys Author, Life Coach and Intuitive Personal Growth Catalyst. Ontario, Canada. SBSM Alumni

I really liked the concept that trauma is anything that overwhelms the nervous system…it was a gentler and broader viewpoint than I had learned in the past-- and that continues to help me with my own inner work and with client work.

I had some periods of frustration here and there in the learning curve, that were just related to my wanting to master it all NOW (my own impatience, longstanding with learning new stuff..!) I appreciated Irene's constant emphasis to go slowly and respect our bodies, and that going too fast was counterproductive. Now when my mind says "keep going", I try to listen to what my physiology is saying, because I realize it's the TRUE indicator of my stress level.

I've also adapted the exercises to do in various situations throughout my day as a way of LIVING the material more and more-- and through that, I believe I'm doing constant little bits of rewiring….I live differently and there's no going back! I even had a concrete example when my startle response was much less severe than it has been for years, and I came 'down' from it really quickly by using what I've learned.

I see so much more in what's happening in my clients now. I feel like I now see everything through the 'lens' of the nervous system state and past trauma, and it has really opened my awareness and filled in things I could not quite grasp previously. I am SO grateful to Irene for all she is doing in this field. It has been --and will continue to be-- a life-changing piece for me in my health recovery and in my overall quality of life.

Darla Riotto Enumclaw, Washington, USA. SBSM Alumni

Wow, where to start? This has been a MAJOR life changing experience for me. I am gleaning everything I can and will continue to so it can become the new normal for my system.

My car accident in 2010 left me with injuries in my upper body that have affected every aspect of my life. These injuries produced chronic pain, foggy or confused thinking, insomnia, migraines, adrenal/chronic fatigue, unstable ribs that rotate from chronic muscle spasms, neuropathy and a sense of being unplugged in a heavy body. My legs get so heavy with Charlie horse cramps I can barely walk as my energy drains and I try to push myself. According to the multi-injury specialist because of the way my treatment was handled it totally confused my nervous system to the point where it no longer knew how to function properly. They knew it needed to be rewired but drugs were all they could offer to manage the symptoms. They had no idea how to actually rewire it. The steroids used for inflammation created early onset osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia was added to my medical chart in March of 2017 due to increasing symptoms and no improvements with any treatments.

The most tangible physical result of taking SmartBody SmartMind is that after years of new symptoms arising every 4-6 weeks taking this program stopped that downward spiral my body was on. It has now been 15 weeks since my last new symptom occurred! That alone screams success! The other physical things I have noticed are: I now have random bursts of joyful energy for a few moments at a time, although I still don't sleep more than a few hours at a time I am slowly adding more times where I can go back to sleep. My ribs are not rotating as quickly or creating as deep of bruising from the rotations, I'm breathing more fully - not holding my breath as much, migraines and stabbing/burning sensations of neuropathy are less intense, the heavy weighted down feeling is lighter, less depressive thoughts/feelings, digestion/elimination is better, I feel more emotionally stable, and I seem to be able to relax easier - I have random moments where I feel completely safe to just be alive.

My overview of the program is this: it is very well organized, suggested outline to follow is paced well, no pressure to push through it or do it perfect, good preparation for what to expect, lessons are easy to follow, educational content is comprehensive and thorough, bonus education adds additional clarity, bonus music section helps body relax to absorb exercise lessons, good balance of educational lessons and time to absorb them, the ability to have live training and ask questions creates atmosphere of safety, the team support is stellar with quick compassionate responses, other people sharing their stories often answers questions I didn't know I had and provides a community connection feeling of you are not crazy or alone. The ability to share what you want, when, or nothing at all creates empowerment.

This is very different from other group therapy I've been in. The sense of safety has allowed me to explore suppressed areas in my being. I've been able to release a lot of anger, guilt and shame in realizing my body is simply having a biological response to trauma. I've found a deep level of forgiveness and compassion for myself and others in recognizing I had birth and developmental trauma. Understanding the biology and principles of the nervous system is helping me slowly and steadily release myself from the tyranny of perfectionism and the idea I need to be constantly productive/ busy to be worthy of value. I am still strong but being a Wonder Woman who does it all can never be part of my life again and now I am learning the skills I need to become my true self. Because I've been working on the cognitive aspects to heal my inner being for years, this inner shift is the most amazing to me. Adding in the body feels like what I have been missing all along.

Full interview with Janet Raftis, Energy Healer and Psychic Medium. Atlanta, USA

"It's worth more than the money!" - Janet On Whole Life Transformation

Andrew Martinov, Finance professional, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

On Finding Hope Through the Right Education and Community

Full Interview With David Magness, Empowerment Coach. Toronto, Canada

Better Mental Health via Nervous System Regulation Instead of Coping Strategies

Wendy Billings, Montana, USA. SBSM Alumni

First off, this course is a safe place to ask questions and to be vulnerable. The support from the admin team was superb and it was very comforting to have classmates who supported me. I am indebted to Irene, her team, and the beautiful people who have chosen to be on this healing journey.

I have been diagnosed with complex PTSD. It was tearing my marriage apart, despite having a very supportive husband. My mind was on high alert and anything remotely negative, judgemental, or critical of others would put me into a tailspin. I persevered though! I kept on doing the work in SmartBody SmartMind and eventually my body seemed to know that my husband did not hate me as I had perceived he did. That was the turning point. Rarely does my body get triggered any more as it did… and it is a relief beyond description.

Hope is what this course has given me. Hope and a lot of self compassion.

Mark Fan Engineer & Researcher. Toronto, Canada. SBSM Alumni

Each person needs to study themselves -- this course is a wonderful guide to help us do that.

Irene has a wonderful voice, pacing, and manner of speaking that makes the audio lessons easy to follow and comforting.The exercises we covered expanded the sophistication of my approach to continued self-understanding and self-maintenance.

Karen Robinson, Self Care Empowerment Guide. Herefordshire, UK  

On Feeling Safe & Thriving In The World

Julia Neale, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Somatic Experiencing Student Hastings, East Sussex, UK 

 On Feeling More Alive And Present Through Working With The Body

Full Interview With Linda Pruce, Maryland, USA

Healing MS via Nervous System Health

CrisMarie Campbell Speaker & Management Consultant at Thrive! Inc. Whitefish, MT. SBSM Alumni

Irene's program gave me the tools to rebalance my nervous system, and to understand that my childhood experiences impacted my nervous system development and kept me locked in unhealthy patterns.  

I continue to utilize the tools to reset my nervous system daily, which makes me feel calmer, safer, and gives me more self-connection and confidence. I love it!  

These are life/body/emotional skills that everyone should have growing up (or to recover from growing up)!

Jayne Eddington Holistic Babycare Specialist. Auckland, New Zealand. SBSM Alumni

If you believe in the mind body connection, if you believe you are the source of your own healing, but just need the tools, then THIS is the program for you.

I used to have fibromyalgia. I used to hold everything inside me. Literally. I didn't feel much of anything (except pain). I was "happy" enough but with no sense of joy. I felt kinda helpless to help myself beyond the physical (osteopath, naturopath, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle - all since 2002) and when my subconscious told me it was time to start taking a look at what I hadn't seen, my mind freaked out and had no way to file or process and it resulted in a deep, dark pit of depression and despair.

Fast forward to me creating (another physical) supplement regime that avoided pharmaceuticals to stop myself from taking my life, and some excellent counselling and I was able to see that I needed something more. In September 2016, I stumbled across Irene's free Healing Trauma intro videos that are the informational series to the 12 week program. I had done SO much myself, I had healed as much as I could, but I was at a loss with persistent dis-ease and lack of overall sense of wellbeing... The emotional side of things and the mind body connection were missing…

Watching the three-part video series, I was riveted. I felt compelled! It spoke to me in a way no other therapy had! Could I really gain the tools to help myself to heal? Could I really stop myself from responding to stress the way I always had? Really? YES! The answer is YES!

I went to the dentist the other day, ZERO anxiety. For as long as I can remember the dentist = stress response. I no longer have continual pain in my hip/body -- I used to hold anger in my right hip, I now have the tools to release any pent up anger and frustration in a constructive health promoting way, no longer holding onto it to manifest as physical pain. I have such a sense of freedom. SO much has opened up in my life. I can FEEL and I am ok with that, vulnerability suits me it seems.

I feel more generous with my time - I am easily a hermit ordinarily. I see an osteopath on occasion as opposed to almost weekly as a necessity. I work through stressful situations in a flash to the point that they are no longer an issue. I can have repressed memories crop up and deal with them powerfully - not be consumed by them. Issues with people in my life? Meh, sorted in an instant without drama on my part... Illnesses around me this winter (I'm in NZ) nada, I have been exposed to SO much and had nothing at all… AND... I am experiencing JOY, every day.

My past isn't coming back to haunt me, it is coming back to heal me. I am healthy. My bloodwork and alternative tests look fabulous. No liver toxicity, no chronic inflammation no regular pain… I had done A LOT of work myself prior to this course, and, although I have learnt a tonne and have no regrets, if I could have my time again, I would just invest in this course. And, finally, the best thing…

I have found love, I am IN love. I am in a relationship with a really awesome man (it's a recent thing). I was single my whole life (on purpose) and unable to engage, or even if I am honest, consider the possibility of engaging prior to this course… Things are on track for happily ever after… I wondered if it would ever happen… A WHOLE lot of stuff needed to not just change, but transform before this was going to happen and now it has and IS happening. I needed to be able to love myself first… And THAT started with acceptance.

This program is a journey of self discovery, of letting go of what is not serving you, of gaining the "things" you need to live your life from a place of health… whatever that means to you… You can take it at your own pace, you can stop and start if you need to, you are accepted at wherever you are in your journey, there is no pressure, you are the skipper of your ship… There is incredible support offered by Irene and her team, but also the alumni and other participants. You are not alone. You must DO the work, but if you do, the results are INCREDIBLE. I know this, because I am living proof of it.

What are YOU waiting for? This IS it. This WILL get you results.

Naomi Galinski Vancouver, BC. SBSM Alumni

I've had chronic fatigue for years. It has debilitated my social life and ability to exercise, go out, and have fun. I tried everything with diet, supplements, meditation, gentle yoga, etc.. Despite being disciplined and a saint in those areas, I was still having insomnia, migraines, difficulties focusing at work, and was exhausted all the time.

I tried releasing the core belief that "I'm not good enough" through counselling and meditation but it kept on rearing its head in unexpected ways causing suffering in my life. I could also feel fear, anger, and sadness (my old traumas) as tension stuck in my body. I tried different modalities to release them but I was impatient and they wouldn't release. Some meditation techniques were even too cathartic and re-traumatized my nervous system instead.

Working directly with and at the level of the nervous system was the missing piece. Irene's 12 week SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) program helped me understand why I still had all these repeating issues and the exercises helped (and still are helping) me get unstuck.

SmartBody SmartMind is laid out in a way that releases stored trauma, creates more space, and capacity in the nervous system in a gentle way. This process is slow and takes time, but it's potent and lasting. I didn't finish the lessons and exercises in 12 weeks, but Irene encourages us to listen to our bodies and slow down when we need to, so I did that.

I reduced my hours at work and dedicated myself to this practice last summer. I noticed improvements early on and it has accelerated my progress in healing. Even my Somatic Experiencing (SE) teacher was amazed at how far I had come along in 6 months!

I also love the science she brings into this. I'm a former PhD physicist, so it's important to me that things make sense. Through her lessons, I learned why these neurosensory exercises work and why I sometimes must slow down.

The nervous system cannot be pushed into healing. As an over-achiever slowing down has always been difficult because I believed that you must "do-do-do" to achieve, but armed with this new knowledge it's easier to let go, rest, and trust in the wisdom of the nervous system to heal itself.

Here are some improvements I experienced from doing SBSM:

  • The frequency of insomnia is decreasing, and I sleep better. I have an easier time falling asleep and falling back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee.
  • The frequency of headaches and migraines has dropped. I take more breaks and Irene's exercises help release some of the stuck tension.
  • Whereas I used to have to plan a whole week around one event or social occasion, I am starting to be more spontaneous.
  • I have more energy to get chores done.
  • I don't need as much recovery time as I used to. Of course, I still am more limited than others and I have to be careful not to expend too much energy, but the fact that I have some life energy back is huge progress.
  • I have more energy to handle stressful days at work. In fact, I am also generally calmer during work.
  • I have more containment to handle being out in public and unfamiliar places. Leaving the comfort of my home, my safe space, can still be overwhelming at times, but much less than before.
  • As I am releasing fear in my body through this work - my actions are becoming less fear-driven and I make healthier choices now. I haven't had a huge burnout from doing too much since I started this work.

Re-wiring the nervous system is a slow process, at times painfully slow, and sometimes you feel worse before feeling better, therefore I am also grateful for the encouraging and supportive SBSM Facebook community (the fellow participants, Irene, and her professional staff).

It was also wonderful to finally connect with a group of people that understood what chronic fatigue syndromes (CFS) is and what I was going through. I still have chronic fatigue, no stamina to exercise, and need more rest and quiet time than others, but I am more content with this condition now. I know how to work with it instead of feeling like it is working against me.

I am so mind blown by this experience that I am inspired to become an Somatic Experiencing practitioner eventually myself.

Thank you, Irene. I feel nothing but deep gratitude for you."

Amy Kubanek, Embodied Strength Coach. Vancouver, Canada

"It was a complete game-changer for me!"

Full Interview With Lisa R., Physiotherapist. Edinburgh, Scotland

Healing the Immune System

Hear From More of Our Incredible Alumni  

Roza Maragopoulou Feldenkrais Practitioner. Athens, Greece. SBSM Alumni

The last few days, there have been a few instances of people telling me “wow you look well! the last time we saw you you were so exhausted you could hardly talk, what happened to you?”  

Hehe :), this program happened to me! Yay! Here are some examples...  

  • Before the course I had a very bad case of dry scalp, I just realised the other day that it has disappeared for some weeks now! 
  • Although I very rarely get ill, I very often, after a tiring day, would get a really bad sore throat. I got that again yesterday after an extra stressful day of travelling which made me realize that I haven't had that as a regular reaction for a long while!  
  • My biggest issue and trauma I think is expressed through my relation to eating. My main symptom is that when I eat, I get into a state of alert and danger, especially around others - as if i have no time to eat and someone might take the food away so I have to eat fast and furious! One of the very unsettling symptoms is that I actually eat very little when I'm with others - my stomach feels full after two bites, and then I get really swollen and uncomfortable with lots of stomach pain. Interestingly enough, just recently I was at a seminar in Croatia where I was eating with other people every day (people i just met by the way) and I realized suddenly that my appetite was great, I was actually quite calm while eating, and my stomach afterwards was perfectly fine! Yay! Yay! you can't imagine what a huge relief this is for me.  
  • Meeting new people is always for me tricky and there have been so many times where a friend has asked me out for a drink mentioning that another friend of theirs will be there too that I don't know, and I've canceled the appointment as I get too threatened. I'm like an animal in the jungle, I need time to assess if the new person is a predator or not. Interestingly enough, not only in the seminar in Croatia did I feel a big difference (which was a very safe setting with like-minded people, but still, I didn’t know them), but in the airport when we were stuck and the flight was canceled and the airline took us to a hotel, I effortlessly engaged, shared the free meal, and even had a good time with those strangers!  
  • The most dramatic change I've noticed recently (and it's really hard to believe this is happening to me) is that every time I feel fatigue, pain or sadness creep in, instead of my usual solitary withdrawal into bed with the blinds shut, something else happens. I start by doing my old shut down routine, but soon my impulse tells me, “you want to move!”. For the following 5 minutes I stay in bed with that impulse feeling confused and fighting it as I can't believe that moving and getting up would be good for me, but a bit later I get up, open the blinds and start moving! I do housework or run an errand or do some work and suddenly I'm back feeling engaged, and the sadness and fatigue give way to a more alert state. Flow starts happening and 30 minutes later I've shifted; I have energy and my mood is good and calm! Amazing! I can hardly still believe it. What is becoming more and more clear is that it's not so much that I have a surplus of energy but that I spend less. I spend so much less energy in feeling unsafe and protecting myself!  
  • The biggest overall change is that when the course started I was in deep shut down and living in pure survival energy 24 hours a day. I had stopped working and I could hardly talk from the fatigue and pain flare-ups. I thought that I had regressed so badly it would take me months to get back on track. Well, now that feels like a different life time! I work more than ever and I enjoy it more than ever, I still need to take more days off than others and take care not to overdo it, but there is a big shift!  

So thanks again to everyone, I just have to express that I'M GRATEFUL, and this feeling of gratitude is so very new to me. Yesterday I lay down for 30 minutes just seeing the images of people I feel grateful for in my life. I don't think I've ever done this before and it warmed my heart and made me smile. Can't wait to continue with this learning on my own over the next few months and then again when we start the next session!"  

Marloes Van Reek SBSM Alumni


Time and again I realize I can be thankful that I have found the work of Irene Lyon, and the desire to express that is growing day by day. 

I have my life back and more than that! Last year I got stuck with all kinds of complaints. Fear and panic, unable to function in work and social contacts. I couldn't eat many foods due to histamine and digestive problems. 

Now almost a year later I take stock every day and the list of pure winnings is getting longer. Because I keep on realizing what is possible now. Just a summary of happiness. More energy, sleep is better, happier, more humor, stay better with myself, set limits, more pleasant in contact with others. Being able to eat normally and the freedom that that gives. Normal digestion. Attitude is better, I can walk on higher shoes again, I spend less money. Less need for conflict with others. Fairer, better contact with my body. In contact with my body's wisdom. Take more risks. And so even more. 

Thank you so much Irene for putting your wisdom and your power into your programs and for sharing them with the world. Thank you for who you are. A great source of inspiration.  

Autumn Sullivan Portland, Oregon. SBSM Alumni

I did SBSM last year for the first time and it’s been both incredibly informative and transformative for me personally. I’m doing the 21-Day Tune-Up right now because I fell out of practice and wanted a more structured but scaled-down practice. 

What’s great about SBSM, in addition to access to the program content for life, is the community of individuals who’ve completed the program, some multiple times through its iterations, and the knowledge and resources we share with one another. I highly recommend the program, as it’s created so much more understanding of my own traumas and has helped me cultivate safety in my nervous system. I’m really glad I made the investment.  

Linda Yuncker Ventura, California. SBSM Alumni

My nervous system was in a state of functioning freeze. I repressed a lot of emotions. I did not like conflict. I had a tendency to go into shut down. I tried to always be nice and a people-pleaser. I felt shame around feeling “negative” emotions. I was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 years ago and had a baseball size tumor removed. I chose to take a holistic approach to my healing, and a year after working with my doctor he recommended I have a second cancer test done that is very specialized. The results came back and the numbers barely changed. I started to cry. My doctor told me that I had done a great job with my diet and supplements but if he had to give me a grade for my stress level he would give me an "F".  

The test was done on September 21 2016 and I was blessed with an email about Irene's 3-part video series and I started SmartBody SmartMind on October 4, 2016. Just today a friend who sees my same doctor asked me what do I feel changed for me after my doctor told me that I was failing in the stress department. I told her that hands down it was taking Irene's 12 week program.  

Irene's 12 week program provides information that is so valuable for understanding our nervous systems. The class is structured in a way that it is dosed out perfectly so that you never feel overwhelmed. I was impressed with the way the program was laid out. No matter your learning style Irene provided material to fit. I was able to read the lesson, watch a video and print off the transcripts. Brilliant!  

I love that I can take this class as many times as I want, as I have a tendency to be an overachiever, but I felt for the first time with an online class that I could pace myself and if I did not complete the 12 weeks that it was okay. This took so much stress off me and it helped my nervous system.  

Irene provides exercises that are great tools. I found this to be so very helpful. So often people present theory but they do not share tools that can be helpful for self-empowerment and healing. I have greatly enjoyed the private FB group as well. I have learned so much from people's posts and comments. I feel a real sense of community as a member of this group.  

Now I have healthier relationships with people and I am so much more compassionate about what people are going through. Irene encourages us to honor our bodies plus she teaches us to self-regulate. That was huge for me since I have always had a tendency to shut down or rage. I feel like I have spent so much of my life out of my body. This program made me feel safe to be in my body and to appreciate it's wonder from a whole new level.

Candace Kirby SBSM Alumni 

I've been a therapist for 28 years and I have tried almost every other modality. When I experienced extreme burnout and complex grief I found Irene and I did both courses. I honestly think it saved my life. There is nothing comparable in my experience. It's completely changed how I support my clients. I look back now and understand both personally and professionally why people get so stuck in patterns and can't heal. It's definitely the missing link. I find that the work has really integrated into who I am and how I am with clients and my own relationships. I see so much more than I did before. The whole person including even the micro movements of defence in the body. I feel so much more compassionate and so much more confident in my work now. I am in love with the mystery of this work. I feel newly inspired. I also know how to take care of myself.  

Mariana SBSM Alumni 

Irene's 12-week program has been pivotal in deepening my understanding of myself as well as the people with which I work. I work with suicide loss survivors and the information I've learned in this course has given me the nervous system language needed to assist people in better understanding what they are experiencing in this complicated grief process. That, in and of itself, is priceless.  

Irene presents the concepts and exercises in a simple, easy-to-understand way. I had already done quite a bit of personal healing before I found this program and it filled in gaps of understanding, provided effective and simple tools, and deepened my connection with myself and others. I am so glad to have found Irene's work and am so grateful to her and for each and every person that works with her to make this program such a full experience. The rich, juicy, community-building discussions and connections are invaluable and add a depth to the program that is rarely found in an online format. I highly recommend SmartBody SmartMind to anyone on a healing journey! 

Ellen Hill SBSM Alumni

The 12 week program has been life changing for me. I bought the program October last year and just couldn't get my head around paying so much for it. My mindset definitely affected my whole approach to the process. Although I made some huge progress even with a negative mindset, the changes I have made since doing the program this second time round are nothing short of astounding.  

If you are holding back because of the price, don't! You will be so glad that you have bought this program, support and education. It's truly worth every cent.  

I have always wanted to use the skills and abilities I know I possess, but I have never had the confidence and courage to put myself out there and just do it! Well, now I'm doing it I am in the process of starting up a business.  

Vicki D. NSW, Australia. SBSM Alumni 

Two years ago I was referred to Irene's website and signed myself up for 21 Day Tune Up. Skeptical, resistant and uncomfortable.  

Finally - I had answers. Something to describe what I'd been experiencing. So excited I couldn't stop talking about what I'd learned until people started to avoid me. Of course I signed myself up for SBSM. Got on the SE learning curve and have really not been off it since. Now as a fledgling counsellor, can't say enough about how invaluable those initial videos have been. I would recommend them to anyone with a nervous system. Absolutely essential knowledge.  

Karina Hogan SBSM Alumni 

Irene Lyon of course you're material is gold and so needed. Thanks for being you. I've received so much from you're SBSM program last year. ❤️🙏❤️ I have tried a lot of stuff along the way, and Irene's stuff is gentle, genuine, heart felt and very effective. It's deceiving how the simplest of methods can be the most powerful. Continue to shine your light, and looking forward to enjoying another year with you on this journey we call life, and healing.  

M.W. SBSM Alumni 

I've had anxiety and depression since about age 8. I grew up in a toxic family environment. I was fairly functional up until 4 years ago, but then was hit big time by extreme anxiety and depression. I was already on an antidepressant, but that wasn't cutting it anymore. I went to a psychiatrist who tried about 7 different medications with disastrous results. That experience in itself was traumatizing.  

I was finally able to get an appointment with a psychologist that I connected well with. I saw her for a year. We did EMDR, Brainspotting, and talk therapy. Those things helped, but I still wasn't totally functional. I found Tim JP Collins Anxiety Podcast, that's how I learned about Irene and decided to join her 12-week program.  

I was eager to learn about the nervous system. I've always been one to want to know why things work the way they do, I learn better that way. I noticed little changes pretty quickly, but when we started the exercises I was amazed! I knew it was working. The anxiety was greatly reduced, it wasn't everyday like it had been for the past 4 years. But then my progress seemed to stop. (I know now that it didn't really stop, that's just part of the process, but I'm impatient). I found great support from Irene and her staff and from other group members, that really helped me "hold on".  

About mid-way through the program, I was able to assert myself by setting boundaries with some family members. It gave me a feeling of power and control over my life like I've never experienced (I'm 59). That lead to an apology from my abuser that I thought I would never get. I was able to accept the apology, but will still hold the boundaries. I've also been able to lessen the feeling that I need to try to fix any situation that causes distress to my family. I realize I don't have control over some things and that thinking I do or should, causes stress and anxiety. And that taking that task upon myself isn't necessarily helpful to that person anyway.  

Once the 12 weeks were over, I pretty much stopped doing the work. I began to sink back down into the despair of depression until one day it occurred to me that I should do the exercises! So I'm back at it and feeling better! And I'm ready to do the 12 weeks again.  

So thank you, thank you, thank you Irene! for dedicating your life to learning and teaching this program.  

With gratitude,

B.H. SBSM Alumni 

Apprenticing with Irene over 12 weeks brought about a major, salutary lifestyle change for me. It's not just the lessons/labs themselves but her optimistic, grounded spirit, the supportive facebook community, and how she weaves in the very personal and intimate phone calls with theory and practice. The experience is like be-friending your body at a deeper level while fine-tuning your awareness of how it interfaces with your emotions, your environment, and deeper memories and experiences. It's a renaissance blend of science and humanity that feels like an antidote to a modern world that is overly segmented and compartmentalized. It is both remedial education and a radical, root-level healing journey.  

Irene deconstructs the body's underlying processes so that you begin to sense on an intuitive level the patterns of holding and/or overload lying just beneath your conscious awareness, allowing you to bring more focus and choice into how you relate with your body, allowing gentle releases and re-organization over time. It sounds esoteric, but is very down-to-earth. Her integration of many disciplines - Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing, Kathy Kain's Somatic Touch, and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais - creates a "toolbox" that works for those with a severely compromised nervous system perhaps accompanied by disease as well as for those needing help in unwinding shocks to their system to gain back nervous/emotional stability and resiliency. The effectiveness of the program is in large part due to Irene's embodied, intimate style of delivery, shaped by her own well-regulated nervous system. This piece is key, for in nervous system recovery, the teacher's level of healing resonates with and influences your own.  

Results are palpable. I entered the program after a cathartic workshop that had re-awakened old traumatic memories too quickly, resulting in what my network chiropractor called an "imploded" nervous system. With Irene, I immediately started feeling more energy and "support" during even the most basic neurosensory exercises. I could sense I was on the right path. By the end of the program, my chiropractor said my system was "more flowing with better organized energy", the coherence Irene speaks of. As I continue to work with her "toolbox" on my own, his most recent diagnosis was that "you now have a solid foundation/structure so that your energy is not constantly ricocheting around and compensating but is now manageable." I am so grateful that Irene came into my life when she did so that I could turn a major corner in my life.

Karen MacKay Calgary, Canada. SBSM Alumni

ike many others, I’ve been on quite a long healing journey. I’m recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’m overweight, and I have a number of other health issues, which I have spent years trying to resolve. I had definitely made progress in finding peace and dealing with many issues, but still felt STUCK, even with everything I’d learned and done. Irene’s course somehow came across my Facebook feed earlier this year, and I just knew it was the next piece I needed. I had no idea when I started out though, how profound her work is. She draws together a number of tools and modalities, but has an approach that is, I think, revolutionary.  

A key piece for me has been the education she has given me – I now finally clearly understand what happens when my body has a stress response, and where it comes from. I’d never have thought that knowing the biology would make such a difference, but it truly does. Then, with the knowledge piece on board, she takes you on a journey into your body, ever so gently.  

It’s a tough transition to make, learning that there is a deeper level of healing that can only happen through the body, not through the mind. Our whole world tells us that we need to talk it out, figure it out, name it, change the belief etc – and while that certainly has an important place, if you don’t go into the body and process stress and trauma at that level, there will always be a vital element missing from your healing.  

Now, I know more and more that I can become my own healer, if I just keep practicing these new tools. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.  

The biggest change for me is that I feel as though I am finally becoming UNstuck. I’m seeing changes in my thinking and in my choices and in my ability to live life more fully. I finally have real hope that profound healing and change is actually possible and that the second half of my life really can be one of health and abundance in ways I can’t even envisage yet. It’s not a quick fix, but I’m pretty certain that the changes that have happened so far are definitely here to stay!  

One last piece that has been a really wonderful experience has been the support and sharing that have happened in the very private, very safe Facebook community of people who are doing this work together. We are able to support each other and learn from each other and share this journey, and it’s really special.


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