at The Nervous System Level 

at The Nervous System Level

  12 Payments of $197 USD or 1 Payment of $1997 USD (save $367)

Enrolment opens February 17, 2020


Registration for the 2020 round of SmartBody SmartMind™ is February 17 to March 1. We begin March 2 with orientation week and then we run live March 8 - May 31. 

“I finally have real hope that profound healing and change is actually possible…

and that the second half of my life really can be one of health and abundance in ways that I can’t even envisage yet.”


Have you tried many approaches without seeing the results you want (for you or your clients)?


Anxiety and Depression

Feelings of anxiety and/or depression that zap your energy and can lead to feeling out of control. 

Relationship Strains

Relationship Challenges 

Trouble setting clear boundaries and getting needs met, and/or staying in toxic relationships. 

Loss of Confidence

A Loss of Confidence and Drive

Low confidence or self-worth that gets in the way of being authentic and courageous and moving forward in life (in small and big ways).

Stubbon Health Issues

Stubborn Health Issues 

Hard-to-define issues that won’t go away — like chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS (and other digestive issues)

Burn Out

Overwhelm and Burnout

Feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or even completely exhausted, often with signs of adrenal fatigue. 

These tricky-to-treat human problems and conditions are commonplace.  

There is a biological reason they are so tough to heal and break free from ...

When you know what is going on and you start learning (and practicing) the language of the nervous system life will change. 

John Australia

“If I hadn’t found this work, my life would have probably taken a very different turn.

And I would have spent a lot more time and money.”


When we learn the right stuff, we heal in the right way.

The Nervous System Impacts Our Entire Well-Being

If you or your clients are dysregulated (aka: out-of-whack) in the nervous system, these are common things you will tend to see:



anxious and overwhelming thoughts, trouble focusing, a mind that runs a million miles a minute, irrational fears, brain fog and trouble concentrating, resistance and procrastination. 


chronic depression and sadness, numbed out and disconnected, uncontrollable anger and rage, fearful and overreacting to the little things, trouble being empathetic and understanding.


chronic fatigue and pain, trouble sleeping or staying asleep (or the opposite: needing A LOT of sleep but never feeling rested), weakened immune system and autoimmune disorders, gut troubles, migraine headaches, severe PMS, chronic muscle tension. 

"Before SmartBody SmartMind™ I was living, a normal functional life but I wasn't thriving. Now I'm being more myself and I’m beginning to thrive.

This nervous system work is the foundation from which everything else grows.

Really, it's the roots, it's the roots of the tree. Once the nervous system is regulated, then everything else grows out of that. Overall it was really, really good value for money.”


The Nervous System really is the missing link to healing ALL of these things.

Are you ready to:  

  • Experience the aliveness and power that’s waiting for you just below the surface?
  • Deepen your understanding of nervous system physiology so you can take your healing into your own hands and/or deepen the work you do with your clients?
  • Break free from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and illness to create lasting change?

If your answer is YES, then you’re invited to join me for…

A revolutionary online training designed to teach YOU how to tap into the power and potential of your nervous system in profound ways.

To put it simply, SmartBody SmartMind™ gives you the combined knowledge of  



of the most cutting-edge wisdom from the top experts in the field, all distilled into a practical approach that really works.

SmartBody SmartMind™ is about changing the way you live, and that change begins with these first twelve weeks.  

SmartBody SmartMind™ is about changing the way you live. And that change begins with these first twelve weeks.

"Nothing really worked to shift my lifelong anxiety and depression, despite years and years of trying MANY things.

What I learned from Irene is different, and it’s giving me hope there really is a way to heal. I’m seeing changes after just one time through SmartBody SmartMind. I would recommend it to anybody, even if they don't have trauma. I think everybody should learn it.”


Here’s a glance of what you’ll get as a SmartBody SmartMind™ member:

  • Ten comprehensive modules of education and experiential exercises
  • Learn how to shift from survival and chronic stress to more ease and freedom
  • Recover and discover your innate healing abilities
  • Join a global community dedicated to the betterment of humanity
  • Learn and heal at your own pace so you can create lasting change 
  • Receive world class support with trauma-trained experts 

SmartBody SmartMind™ weaves together learning and practices from multiple revolutionary approaches - Somatic Practice (the work of Kathy Kain), Somatic Experiencing (the work of Peter Levine), neurosequential healing (as written about by Norman Doidge), The Polyvagal Theory as presented and discovered by Stephen Porges, and Feldenkraisian Learning (the work of Moshe Feldenkrais).

World Class Support. 100% Trauma Trained. The support you will receive from our trained experts while in the 12 week session is like nothing else that exists in the world right now. All our support practitioners are trained across multiple disciplines and all are trained to work at the level of the body and the nervous system.  

Founder Irene Lyon’s superpower is dissecting (in a good way) complex science and the somatic healing arts into simple, doable practices that change your body, mind and life. 

Enrolment opens February 17, 2020


Registration for the 2020 round of SmartBody SmartMind™ is February 17 to March 1. We begin March 2 with orientation week and then we run live March 8 - May 31. 

From Around The World.

Julie, Austria

“There has been a direct positive effect on my parenting of my 4 year old and in my body awareness

allowing me to return to running (which is really important to me), in my capacity to handle the daily stresses, capacity to deal with background noise and it is also increasing my empathy toward others, which indirectly helps decrease sources of anger.”



Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join: Powerful Learning, Interaction and Support!

10 Training Modules

Each module (or “lab,” as we like to call them) gives you a blend of education and practical exercises. Video trainings, readings, plus our signature audio ‘neurosensory’ exercises make up each module and will start you off on your nervous system apprenticeship. 

Key topics we teach and guide you through: 

  • How to reconnect with the world around you
  • Learning how to listen to your biology
  • Waking up to your body and its structures
  • Lowering your stress reactions 
  • Boost life force energy and heal toxic shame  

8 Live Training Calls

Consider these calls your ‘lecture’ for the week! During these live training calls you’ll be introduced to new nervous system concepts and fundamental theory for healing trauma and restoring regulation back to your nervous system.

These live ‘lecture’ calls are 100% taught by Irene Lyon. During the training call she guides you through the learning via handy fill-in-the-blank worksheets.

(As old school as a fill-in-the-blank worksheet may sound, they’re always a massive hit with SmartBody SmartMind™ participants and help to engage the higher brain and a lot more!)

Here’s a sample of some of the key topics we cover during these training calls:  

  • Building greater nervous system capacity by working with the diaphragms and joints
  • Healing shock and early trauma - the importance of safety and regulation
  • The vagus nerve and the gut-brain connection 
  • Neuroplasticity sequencing and ‘Feldenkraisian’ learning  

All calls are recorded and put in the member area within 24-48 hours following the live call. So, even if you can’t attend every call live, you’ll still be able to tune in and benefit from the information shared.  

Official Office Hours (LIVE Q&A Calls)

With any new learning we always expect some healthy confusion and, we hope, a lot of curiosity. During ten out of the twelve weeks that SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) is in session there are numerous opportunities to participate in open Office Hours where we answer your questions via video conferencing (we use Zoom) and also via our private SBSM Facebook Group. These calls are for you to ask specific questions around your own personal progress and the program content. 

Questions are sent in to our support team up to 24 hours before the live call and are answered live on either Zoom or Facebook Live. All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the program website for listening after the live call. 

These live calls are for you to gain clarity on any of the topics taught in SBSM and to learn from your peers, too.  

2 Integration/Catch-Up/Rest Weeks

There will be two full weeks dedicated to review and integration of the program content – so even if you fall behind, you’ll be able to catch back up. 

A note about the program content and pacing: this work is meant to be done slowly and over a long period of time, which is why everyone who joins becomes an alumni and receives lifetime access.  

So, even if you fall “behind” with the material, please know that there is no behind — there is only the pace at which you need to work to heal your past trauma and get on the road to feeling better.

Support via Our Private SBSM Facebook Group

I’m a huge believer in the power of community

In the Facebook group, you’re able to connect with other SmartBody SmartMind™ participants, people who are making the same journey as you.  

You’ll also be able to ask me and my team of professional colleagus your questions here, to get extra support between our modules and Q&A calls.  

That said, the program is NOT the Facebook Group so you do not need to join the group to get the full benefits from this program, it’s simply an option that many enjoy.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Unorthodox Healing Blueprint

Most people try to jump into healing at an advanced level without first doing the foundational work.  

I mean, imagine trying to paint a house or put furniture in it before a blueprint has been created or the foundation has been laid. Impossible, right? Healing trauma and restoring health back to the human body is NO different.  

We must start with the ‘blueprint’ first, that is what gives us the foundation.  

The SmartBody SmartMind™ Unorthodox Healing Blueprint is comprised of The 5 Keys which are:

  • Know What’s Going On: Awareness and Psychoeducation
  • Connect: Support & Community
  • Master Your Stress Physiology
  • Feel Discomforts & “Fears”
  • Build Capacity  

These 5 Keys are encircled by One Essential Element which holds it all together and that is:

Neuroplastic Healing Sequencing

SmartBody SmartMind™blends together The 5 Keys and The One Essential Element into a twelve week curriculum that will not only get you started on a journey of healing, recovery, and deep transformation, but it will become THE framework by which you live your life.

34 Neurosensory Exercises

These practical audio exercises tap into multiple layers of the body, brain and nervous system, while reconnecting you with the space around you (the environment). They have been crafted and recorded by Irene Lyon and they blend her expertise in the somatic healing arts of Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Practice and Feldenkraisian learning.  

Level 1 The beginner neurosensory exercises are designed to de-stress, enhance breath and body awareness, improve connection to self, as well as build internal (nervous system) capacity that will pave the way for Levels 2 & 3. 

Level 2 The intermediate neurosensory exercises are designed to tap into the stress organs (specifically the kidneys-adrenals and brainstem), the heart-space, and the gut-brain interface (the branches of the vagus nerve) so you become more skilled at experiencing, as well as resolving, toxic stress, so it does not affect you negatively, while dually improving the capacity to notice and “let go” of held tensions. 

Level 3 The advanced neurosensory exercises will refine the communication between the gut and the brain via the vagus nerve and you will also ‘play’ with healthy aggression by waking it up safely and in small doses, so greater capacity and life force energy is experienced. Level 3 will also bring in more embodied movement and connections between your skeleton, muscles, and self-awareness …all while blending in what you’ve learned with Levels 1 and 2. 

The end result is an enhanced level of self-awareness and an embodied way of being with your stress physiology that will put you back in the driver’s seat of your body, mind, health, and life.  

The Biology of Stress Video Training Series 

In order to truly transform the way your body handles stress, you need to understand how stress works.  

This signature video training series contains five master class trainings that have completely revolutionized people’s lives. 

Here are the main themes covered in this series: 

  • Autonomic Nervous System 101
  • What Animals In The Wild Do That We Don’t
  • The Vagus Nerve 101
  • How Toxic & Accumulated Stress Show Up in the Body
  • Healing Our Human Predicament.  

This 5-part video series will give you answers (and most importantly, hope!) by providing a solid biological explanation for a lot of the pain and angst that plagues so much of society today. 

"SmartBody SmartMind is definitely worth the money. Doing this work really literally changed my life.

It laid the groundwork for being able to heal the traumas in my life and to hold space for those around me who are ready to heal their own traumas. 

My relationships are richer. My work life is richer. My future is richer. I suppose I am a living example of how healing yourself can help in healing others. It all starts with yourself. And that is something you hear Irene say all the time. I feel forever grateful to Irene and to the work that she's put into getting this information out into the world.”  


Want a look behind the scenes?

We want to ensure that you know *exactly* what you are getting when you join SmartBody SmartMind™, plus how the program content is structured. Right here I'm sharing a video that is within our official program site that helps participants see the bigger picture of our time together.  

This video outlines how the ten program modules (we call them "labs") are spread out over the course of the program. I also review some of the main principles of neuroplastic healing and how the SmartBody SmartMind™ program content sets the conditions so this healing (and learning!) can take place.  


"I dove into this work out of desperation to heal chronic ailments that were getting really out of hand, and it changed my whole outlook on the world.

I have a deeper compassion than before for those around me and most importantly, myself. I've become more trusting of my feelings and am better able to let them come through. I have had big releases in my body that were stored for ages."


You’ll Also Receive Special Bonuses 

Lifetime Access As a Valued Alumni

Although the program itself runs for 3 months, you will get Lifetime Access to the program material and you can return to re-do the program with your peers and new members each time SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) is in session.  

This is so you can come back to it over and over again, at any point in the future.  

As a valued alumni:

  • You will receive automatic access to any upgrades or new versions of the SBSM curriculum. This means you’ll always have the newest, most cutting edge science available for the nervous system.  
  • You are welcome to attend the live training and Q&A calls each round of SBSM. Please be aware that priority is reserved for new members during the live Q&A calls.  
  • You have access to our official SBSM Facebook group year round! This means you can connect with like-minded peers (who understand nervous system talk) to form study groups so you can keep your learning and healing alive. It is also a safe and contained online space to connect, ask for support, and offer support.  
  • PLEASE NOTE: My professional team and I are active in this group when the program is in session and we give equal attention to alumni and new members in this forum.  

5-Part “pre game” Video Series

This video series is all about integrating important tools into your daily life and creating daily habits that can support you and your healing.  

I cover a variety of topics such as:

  • The importance of sleep and rest
  • When food is important (and when it is not)
  • Scheduling your practice sessions (but also ‘not’ scheduling them)  
  • Feeling and working with resistance
  • Physical activity and exercise  

Special Guest Teacher Elia Mrak + LIVE Movement Lessons 

My colleague and co-teacher Elia Mrak will be providing a handful of live movement lessons throughout the 12 week session to help spark up connections between yourself and the space around you. These live lessons will be experiential and will involve movements that all bodies and abilities can do.  

All lessons will be via video conferencing, recorded, and placed in the member area within 24-48 hours following the live lesson. So, even if you can’t attend live, you’ll still be able to tune in to the movement explorations and the benefits that come with them.  

Audio Tracks for Sparking Up Mind-Body Connections

One way to stimulate or soothe the nervous system is to use music, which can be specifically designed to tap into different areas of the body.  

My husband Seth Lyon, is a classically trained composer and percussionist as well as a nervous system specialist. He has blended his knowledge of sound healing frequencies into these six beautifully designed tracks that range from calming to stimulating to invigorating. 

To access these audio tracks all you have to do is download them to your favourite audio device, or play directly from the program site, and enjoy.  

Access To The 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up

Access my 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up Self-Study Starter Course whenever you want!  

The 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up is curated from the SmartBody SmartMind™ curriculum and it also has some unique nuggets of its own. As a SmartBody SmartMind™ member you have access to this ‘tune-up’ for free whenever you wish! This self-study course is a perfect way to continue your nervous system apprenticeship and stay on track.

SmartBody SmartMind™ Will Be a GREAT FIT for You if You Are…

  • A relatively self-aware person and you’ve tried many modes of healing - western, eastern, ‘alternative’ and the ‘woo’ and you aren’t seeing the results you want (or they don’t last).  
  • A heart-based or holistic practitioner, a body worker or somatic therapist, a movement teacher, or a health & wellness coach and you want to be trauma-informed at the deepest possible level.
  • An individual passionate about your health and you want cutting-edge knowledge and the practices to go with it! 

SmartBody SmartMind™ is NOT for You if You…

  • Want a quick fix and aren’t willing to do any work.  
  • Refuse to make time for yourself and don't want to prioritize your schedule to fit in 20+/- minutes for practicing the exercises on most days of the week, as well as the occasional day when you’ll take in a longer training call or Q&A session.
  • Aren’t ready to face potentially uncomfortable emotions and body sensations that may come up as you unlock and heal old patterns and limiting habits that aren’t serving you anymore.

Enrolment opens February 17, 2020

Registration for the 2020 round of SmartBody SmartMind™ is February 17 to March 1. We begin March 2 with orientation week and then we run live March 8 - May 31.

Wondering if this will really work for you?

"Smart Body Smart Mind has become a home to come back to. It’s subtle, yet revolutionary. It feels simple, but works deep.

As someone who’s tried every healing modality under the sun, I feel so relieved to have found a body of knowledge that makes so much sense.  

The fundamentals of this course are deeply necessary to rebuild resilience from the ground up. No more relying on appointments and diagnoses – this path allowed me to understand the "why" behind imbalances in my body, and to take (gentle) action in many aspects of my life. The best part? It’s always there! I find 12 weeks in a row is tricky, so I take advantage of digesting chunks of content when it feels right!" 


Your New Medicine is Waiting for You! 

Between tuition, travel, books, certifications and more, I’ve spent well over $100,000 learning this material (more, if you also include my two university degrees).  

And I have definitely exceeded well over 10,000 hours of face-to-face work with clients. But you don’t have to spend that kind of time or money.  

I believe this work is so important – not just on an individual level, but also on the level of fostering real transformation in the world – that I decided to create this program so that this work can be more accessible to all.  

Rather than you having to sift through all the reading, research, books, and attending training sessions, I’m giving you what I’ve found to be the most essential, critical pieces a person needs to know for healing their nervous system.  

Plus, not only are you getting education, and a lifestyle change, but you’re getting a whole new global community of caring people who are empathetic and interested in the next level of healing. (I’ve found out that members have formed true, meaningful friendships where they continue to support each other outside of the program.)  

A final word from Irene

Enrolment opens February 17, 2020

Registration for the 2020 round of SmartBody SmartMind™ is February 17 to March 1. We begin March 2 with orientation week and then we run live March 8 - May 31.

Need to ask our support team a question?

Don't hesitate to reach out and ask away! Irene and her team want to ensure all your questions are answered so you make the right decision for you.