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The New Inner Game
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It’s time to heal the one system that drives all other systems:


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After all the great work you’ve done with your clients are they still running into the same old roadblocks again and again?


After all the work you’ve done on yourself are old “gremlins” STILL holding you back?


If this is sounds like you and/or your clients, then please know this:

To get to the root of the physical, mental, and emotional junk holding you (or your clients) back, you have to go DIRECTLY to where the old programming was originally encoded: 


  • Stubborn, hard-to-define health issues that won’t go away — like chronic pain, fatigue, or digestive issues (or even weight gain as a result of stress)
  • Constant overwhelm and having to “push through” daily in order to accomplish everything that needs to get done
  • Upper limits that keep you (or your clients) STILL playing small (even after trying everything to get to the root of them)
  • Relationship challenges and trouble setting boundaries (that make it hard to delegate or result in chronic overgiving)
  • Confidence or self-image issues that get in the way of being authentic and courageous when putting yourself/themselves out there in a big way

To put it simply the nervous system governs EVERYTHING.

Healing at the nervous system level is the missing link when it comes to human health and development, so….

  • Are you ready to uplevel your capacity like crazy and discover the power of your most prized asset?
  • Are you ready to deepen your understanding of nervous system physiology in both an educational and experiential way – so that you can help yourself and deepen the work you can do with your clients?
If your answer is YES, then you’re invited to join me for…

The New Inner Game
The New Inner Game

12 weeks to a healthier nervous system & a greater understanding of how the human body works in times of stress.

SmartBody SmartMind is an online group program designed to take you through my Unorthodox Healing Blueprint, so you have a deep understanding of how to care for your own nervous system (which also gives you a greater capacity for helping your clients).


In our 12 weeks together, I’ll take you through my Unorthodox Healing Blueprint, which includes…


5 pillars of healing
Most people try to jump into healing at an advanced level without first doing the foundational work. (Think: going to yoga classes or trying to heal trauma before preparing your system, or even understanding what that preparation might look like!) 
  • The 5 Pillars of Healing start by giving you a foundation upon which to do the rest of your work – which means you’ll be more aware of your stress physiology. You then move through the rest of the Pillars, which include working at the level of your stress organs, and delving into more intense mind-body work.
  • You’ll learn how to recognize which pillar you currently need, and the key actions to take under each one.


neurosensory exercises
These practical exercises tap into multiple layers of your body, brain and nervous system. They are a blend of my expertise in the somatic healing arts of Feldenkraisian learning and Somatic Experiencing.
  • The beginner and intermediate exercises work to help de-stress, enhance breath, body awareness, and presence, as well as build internal capacity that will make your brain and body smarter (really!)
  • The more advanced exercises help you tap into your stress organs (specifically the kidney-adrenals and brainstem) so you become better at experiencing stress, but without it affecting you negatively, while dually improving the capacity to “let go” of held tensions
  • These advanced exercises will also refine the communication between the gut and the brain via the important vagus nerve. The health of this nerve is essential for proper regulation of the nervous system and its corresponding body systems (the digestive tract, cardiovascular and blood pressure systems, muscles of social engagement and communication as well as the “higher brain” centres, to name a few)


biology of stress
In order to truly transform the way your body handles stress, you need to understand how stress works.
This signature video training series contains five master class trainings that have completely revolutionized people’s lives.
  • This training will give you answers (and most importantly, hope) by providing a solid biological explanation for a lot of the pain and angst that you’ve been struggling to figure out and fix.
  • Based on a new science called “The New Traumatology” I pull information from multiple sources, namely the work of Dr.Peter Levine, Dr.Robert Scaer, Dr. Bruce Perry, my own professional education in Somatic Experiencing and experiences in my private practice. I also reference additional resources for deeper learning.



a team of people high fives

10 Training Modules

Each module (or “lab,” as I like to call them) gives you a blend of video trainings and audio neurosensory exercises.

8 LIVE Group Training Calls

During these calls, I’ll teach you new a core piece of material to supplement the course curriculum, through the use of fill-in-the-blank handouts (btw: these handouts were a massive hit in our last round!)

10 Q&A Calls

We’ll also have live Q&A calls, so you can ask your specific questions around your own personal progress, the course content, etc.

(Questions can be sent in via email ahead of time if you can’t make it live and all calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course website for listening after the live call.)

2 Action Weeks

There will be two full weeks dedicated to review and integration of the course content – so even if you fall behind, you’ll be able to catch back up.

Support via our Private Facebook Group

I’m a huge believer in the power of community. In the Facebook group, you’re able to connect with other SmartBody SmartMind participants, people who are making the same journey as you. You’ll also be able to ask me your questions here, to get extra support between our modules and Q&A calls.


  • 5-Part “Pre Game” Video Series:
    This video series is all about integrating important tools into your daily life and creating daily habits that can support you and your healing. I cover a wide range of topics such as the importance of sleep and rest, scheduling your practice sessions, overcoming resistance and exercise.
  • Guest Expert Interviews:
    I’ve got some incredible colleagues with important messages and teachings that have come on board to help support the course content.
    “A Thing Called Neuroception” with Anthony “Twig” Wheeler, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Trauma Specialist
    “The Power of Your Voice for Health & Happiness” with KC Baker, Women’s Thought Leadership Expert
    “The Gut-Brain Connection” with Elinor Silverstein, Feldenkrais Practitioner
    “Healthy Aggression: The Way To Un-frustrate Frustration” with Seth Lyon, Psychobiological Trauma Specialist and modern medicine man
  • 6 Audio Tracks for Sparking Up Mind-Body Connections:
    One way to stimulate or soothe the nervous system is to use music, which can be specifically designed to tap into different areas of the body. My husband, Seth Lyon, is a classically trained composer and percussionist as well as a nervous system specialist and he has blended his knowledge of sound healing frequencies into these six beautifully designed tracks that range from calming to stimulating to invigorating.
    Although the course itself runs for 12 weeks, I’m giving you Lifetime Access to the material, so you can come back to it over and over again, at any point in the future. You’ll receive automatic access to any upgrades or new versions I create, so you’ll always have the newest, most cutting edge science available for the nervous system.
AND… throughout the course I will provide supplemental resources in the form of articles, non-fiction book recommendations and TED talks for those keeners who love knowing more…

Our SmartBody SmartMind participants from the last round were blown away by how much this program changed their lives for the better.

Check out some of the highlights from what they had to say…


Between tuition, travel, books, certifications and more, I’ve spent well over $100,000 learning this material (more, if you also include my university degrees).

And I have definitely exceeded well over 10,000 hours of face-to-face work with clients.

But you don’t have to spend that kind of time or money.

I believe this work is so important – not just on an individual level, but also on a level of real transformation in the world – that I decided to create this program so that this work can be more accessible for you.

With SmartBody SmartMind, you’re getting the fruits of my 20 years of experience.

So rather than your having to sift through all the reading, research, and books, and attending training sessions – I’m giving you what I’ve found to be the most essential, critical pieces a person needs to know for healing their nervous system.

It’s a curated collection of what you need to know for healing trauma at the nervous system level and tapping into neuroplastic healing.

Plus, not only are you getting education, and a lifestyle change, but you’re getting a whole new community of caring people who are empathetic and interested in the next level of healing. (I’ve found out that members have formed true, meaningful friendships where they continue to support each other outside of the program.)

Got more questions?

Click the button below to visit our FAQ page where Irene personally answers the 17 most commonly asked questions. 


Tereza portrait

Irene’s 12-week program has been a deep multi-layer learning for me. It has brought me huge enrichment both personally and professionally. It influenced how I am in my daily life, how I relate, how I parent, how I understand myself, how I work. It improved greatly my ability to understand and recognize my stress responses and provided me with tools to shift them and to process “unpleasant” feelings and sensation. It has been intense learning about the autonomic nervous system, stress physiology and trauma, though everything I’ve learned makes absolute sense in my work as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Actually it has been challenging and changing my thinking and practicing.

I have a busy practice in Prague. I have had many happy clients, still, I found with many of my clients I didn’t have the tools I needed to get results that stay. I’ve found that what Irene teaches is what I am searching for. Thanks to the program I have greater understanding of the tools I learnt in the Feldenkrais training and how to use them to the benefit of clients, plus I’ve learned new tools that have totally changed how I work with clients that have trauma, which I can also perceive now more clearly. Last but not least I got greater understanding of whom my work really is for, what I can offer, and when I should refer people to a trauma specialist.

My conviction after finishing Irene’s program is that it is very beneficial for any practitioner, and any human, to have the understanding and experience of autonomic nervous system regulation, stress physiology, ability to recognize trapped trauma, and know how a traumatized system will tend to respond. Irene offers us a chance to learn all of this, and to feel and sense what biological safety is and how to gain more of this quality. I recommend the 12-week program as a postgraduate education to any practitioner. 

Tereza Hrdličková, Feldenkrais Practitioner,  Prague,  Czech Republic

Janet Raftis

Irene’s Smart Body, Smart Mind program was powerful for me both as a practitioner and as a client.

Before enrolling, I knew very little about the nervous system. Irene focuses on the importance of understanding how the system works and she is able to explain the intricacies of it clearly. This information has helped me tremendously when working with my own clients in my energy healing practice, as I now understand the “why” behind how things are showing up in their bodies and energy fields.

Personally, the information and the exercises have been extremely helpful in understanding how trauma and early dysregulation of my nervous system has been held in my physical body. The exercises have been profound! I have used a lot of other modalities and received relief, but these exercises allowed me to go even deeper and to release in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

Since the course started, I feel as though my body is unwinding.

I’ve had carpal tunnel in my wrist for years and when I started the class, it hurt so badly that I couldn’t write by hand for a sustained period of time. Now, I can write pages, neatly and without too much discomfort. I am also experiencing more relief in my shoulders and neck.

The positive impact of the course is still unfolding and I am still learning so much and moving deeper and deeper into my own body. Irene and her team are a blessing and I am very much looking forward to the next round so that even more can be revealed!

Janet Raftis, Energy Healer and Psychic Medium,, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 


Hi. I’m Irene Lyon.

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped everyone from Olympic athletes, to wheelchair-bound basketball players, to folks suffering from severe PTSD, to big-deal executives, to online stars.

I’ve seen my clients miraculously improve from back pain, knee pain, chronic pain, fear of public speaking, digestive issues, severe depression, anxiety, developmental trauma, shock trauma, ritual abuse, strokes, and head injuries. (Yet another short list!)

The best part? When they discover how working with this one system (the nervous system) leads to everything falling into place — their entire lives change for the better.

This precious little system of ours never gets the time of day (until it’s seriously out of whack). That’s why I believe everyone benefits when they discover how their insides tick from a nervous system perspective.

My clients have told me that the science they’ve learned, plus the simple and advanced exercises they’ve practiced in this program have changed their lives dramatically.

Some have said it has given them back ‘that spark for life.’ Marriages have been saved; others have left their toxic and debilitating relationships. Parenting practices have improved and become more fulfilling. Others have said it has given them the ‘Master Key’ they’ve been looking for since they’ve been on their healing journey.

Whatever it is that you need to improve and work on, or through, I can guarantee that this course will help.

I am a 3rd year naturopathic medical student at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, BC. I wanted to help people in more ways than just fixing a sore shoulder or giving them medication to cover up the root cause of illness. I have a big interest in the nervous system and the impacts it has on the human body, mind and spirit.
Coming from a medical background, I was aware of the physiology and functions of the Autonomic Nervous System. However Irene’s biology of stress videos really allowed me to hone into how the nervous system is actually wired and what our perception does to this highly sensitive system, so the biggest takeaway for me was that I knew what the ANS was but I didn’t really now the details and how it related to my stress / un-discharged stress, now I do!
I was able to build resilience and build awareness with the exercises. I now have better awareness of my mind, body and emotions. I am able to self-observe negative habits/self talk and destructive thinking patterns. I am able to love myself more by have more self compassion. I am able to use my instinct more and listen to what my body is saying. Anxiety has decreased in all facets of life especially when met with confrontation (one of my triggers). Better digestion, sleep, less restlessness and better connection with my partner due to more vulnerability. I have been able to work on family dynamic relationships with my parents and siblings. I am able to say no to things now and feel my boundaries better.
I have really uncovered a deep sense of happiness which was clouded for years behind feelings of disgust and lack of self compassion, and I have the ability to express emotions like sadness and anger – which was very hard before.
Mason Bresett, Naturopathic Medicine Student, Vancouver, BC, Canada
I am currently in the Coaching industry focusing on Sales Coaching at present.  Although my real passions are in the healing arts and sciences.  This why I love Irene’s work so much. The decision to move forward with the 12-week program was not something I took lightly, but I can say now that I am 100% happy to have chosen to spend my money on the program and see it as an integral part of my own healing.
I believe my biggest take away from the program is the realization that I can truly get better and grow my capacity to live my life and serve others. 
The idea of whipping myself into action with little regard for health and well being has always been confusing for me.  I thought I was weak for not being able to hustle, hustle, hustle like many of the Success gurus preach.   Irene has introduced me to a pool of knowledge and techniques that I feel very fortunate to have found.
As someone who has struggled for years with various symptoms ranging from depression/anxiety to low energy/lethargy I was beginning to lose hope.  Figuring this is just how it’s going to be for the rest of my life.  And while the process has not been easy, nor is it complete ( is it ever? Lol), I have restored hope and am continuing to use Irene’s teachings to become more of what I know I can be and I am eventually planning to implement what I’ve learned with future clients to shift stagnant energy and give people more power to produce the results they desire in their lives.
David Magness, Sales Coach,, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • A heart-based or holistic practitioner, a transformational coach, or a health & wellness coach – and you want to become trauma-informed. You want to enhance your capacity and hone your intuitive senses. You want to make a positive impact with your clients with less effort and greater results.
  • A relatively self-aware person, and you’ve tried the best western, eastern, alternative and even “woo-woo” modes of healing. But for some reason you can’t shake your tricky-to-treat health conditions, even your helpers are totally stumped at what you’re missing.
  • An individual passionate about your health who wants cutting-edge knowledge, skillful guidance, and a personal practice that will stand the test of time.
  • A Type-A, massive overachiever who is recovering from burnout and a life of “go-go-go.” You want a more intelligent way of moving forward in your life and business without the fallout of chronic stress and the other consequences that can come with that. (For example: chronic pain and muscle tension, immune system problems, bouts of anxiety and depression, sleep disturbances, digestive troubles, autoimmune disease etc.)


  • Want a quick fix and aren’t willing to do any work.
  • Refuse to make time for yourself and prioritize your time to fit in “on most days of the week” 15-30 minutes to practice the exercises, and the “occasional day” wherein you might need 30-50 minutes to engage in the longer teaching videos and practice sessions.
  • Aren’t ready to face potentially uncomfortable emotions and sensations that will help to unlock old patterns and harmful habits that aren’t serving you anymore so that you can leap ahead and make positive progress. (I’m there for you, but this program is not just fuzzy kittens and rainbows. This can include deep, challenging work.)

Got more questions?

Click the button below to visit our FAQ page where Irene personally answers the 17 most commonly asked questions. 


Jayne Eddington

I started the course with hope… and a persistent pain in my hips, tightness in my sacrum and all sorts of issues pelvic area related, as well as chronic inflammation.

I did the 12 week program. I did all the exercises. I was on all the live calls. I participated in the group chat and I LOVED hearing other’s sharing, because that for me is where I learn the most, hearing myself in the words of others. And I am so, so grateful for my fellow participants for their love, support, for listening, and for creating a space to be respectfully heard.

I literally lost 90% of my pain, 90% of the time, and now, approximately 6 weeks after finishing the course, it has not come back. I would say that actually, 100% of the pain has gone, 90% of the time. Around 8 weeks into the 12 week program, I went to my naturopath to have live blood analysis done. I have had it many times and each time there has always been the usual stuff going on, including inflammation… When I went this time…. THERE WAS NONE. My blood looked the best it ever has. I can FEEL this! I feel lighter, freer, less inflamed! The only thing that I did differently for my health since my last test was starting this course, if anything my diet has been a little worse than usual. I am really, truly blown away by what this course has offered in terms of healing.

This course has given me a sense of self worth that was lacking. It has made things seem possible. I feel like I am living. I am feeling inspired, I am creating new opportunities both in business and personally, I am socializing more, I am out there – living life, I am putting myself into things and feel included where I used to feel I didn’t belong. My hips are feeling physically free, my mind feels… actually, dare I say it, free! I feel like I have gotten out of my own way. I am thriving. Life is good.

Looking back 12 months ago… at my lowest point. I could never have imagined being here… but…Here I am world, Here I am.

Jayne Eddington, Holistic Baby Care,, Waikato, New Zealand

Lisa Dennys

I really liked the concept that trauma is anything that overwhelms the nervous system…it was a gentler and broader viewpoint than I had learned in the past– and that continues to help me with my own inner work and with client work.

I had some periods of frustration here and there in the learning curve, that were just related to my wanting to master it all NOW (my own
impatience, longstanding with learning new stuff..!) I appreciated Irene’s constant emphasis to go slowly and respect our bodies, and that going too fast was counterproductive. Now when my mind says “keep going”, I try to listen to what my physiology is saying, because I realize it’s the TRUE indicator of my stress level.

I’ve also adapted the exercises to do in various situations throughout my day as a way of LIVING the material more and more– and through that, I believe I’m doing constant little bits of rewiring….I live differently and there’s no going back! I even had a concrete example when my startle response was much less severe than it has been for years, and I came ‘down’ from it really quickly by using what I’ve learned.

I see so much more in what’s happening in my clients now. I feel like I now see everything through the ‘lens’ of the nervous system state and past trauma, and it has really opened my awareness and filled in things I could not quite grasp previously. I am SO grateful to Irene for all she is doing in this field. It has been –and will continue to be– a life-changing piece for me in my health recovery and in my overall quality of life.

Lisa Dennys, Author, Life Coach and Intuitive Personal Growth Catalyst,




This is adult learning and I expect my participants to truly honour their investment and show up for themselves 100%. The content (theory & neurosensory exercises) and live support (our group training and Q&A calls; Facebook forum) within this 12-week online program are potent and work when practiced within your own personal capacity, listening to and following your limits, while also opening up your curiosity for a new way of living. This work doesn’t happen overnight and it is not a quick fix – it is a paradigm shift. For some people, they need the entire 12 weeks and more time to witness positive effects (this is why you get Lifetime Membership so you can repeat the program for as long as I run it).  For other people, changes occur during the first week, if not sooner. It is also important to understand that nervous system healing is dependant not only on our own personal willingness to do the work, but also ensuring the environment we live in is safe enough so we can take on this education and practice. If you are ready to make a significant change in your life, this will help. If you’re still not satisfied after giving it a 100% go, I’ll refund your payment within 30 days of registering for the program.


“I have done lots of other therapies including yoga, but this material really gave me a new level of self awareness and body awareness. I now sleep better, have less back pain and headaches, understand how I hold stress in my body, and practice tools that gently release tension throughout my day. It is so worth it so invest in yourself and learn advanced self-care skills.”

– Shaina Loos, Massage Therapist. Vancouver, B.C.


“Irene’s program gave me the tools to rebalance my nervous system, and to understand that my childhood experiences impacted my nervous system development and kept me locked in unhealthy patterns. I continue to utilize the tools to reset my nervous system daily, which makes me feel calmer, safer, and gives me more self-connection and confidence. I love it! These are life/body/emotional skills that everyone should have growing up (or to recover from growing up)!”

– CrisMarie Campbell, Speaker & Management Consultant at Thrive! Inc. Whitefish, MT


“Each person needs to study themselves – this course is a wonderful guide to help us do that. Irene has a wonderful voice, pacing, and manner of speaking that makes the audio lessons easy to follow and comforting.The exercises we covered expanded the sophistication of my approach to continued self-understanding and self-maintenance.”

– Mark Fan, Engineer & Researcher/ Toronto, Canada.

 Want to hear more from past participants?

Here are the full interviews I did with four SmartBody SmartMind from last round. 
*note – These folks were in the course back when it was called “The New Inner Game”, so if you hear them mention that, or “the game”, that’s what they are referring to. Same course, different name.

Janet Raftis – Developing Deep Self-Love & Body Trust

David Magness – Better Mental Health via Positive Coping Strategies 

Lisa – Healing the immune system

Amy – Improve your love life, business, and anxiety

Linda – Healing MS via nervous system health

Gayle – The power of pausing and self-care

Mason- On being the change!


Like many others, I’ve been on quite a long healing journey. I’m recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’m overweight, and I have a number of other health issues, which I have spent years trying to resolve. I had definitely made progress in finding peace and dealing with many issues, but still felt STUCK, even with everything I’d learned and done. Irene’s course somehow came across my Facebook feed earlier this year, and I just knew it was the next piece I needed. I had no idea when I started out though, how profound her work is. She draws together a number of tools and modalities, but has an approach that is, I think, revolutionary.

A key piece for me has been the education she has given me – I now finally clearly understand what happens when my body has a stress response, and where it comes from. I’d never have thought that knowing the biology would make such a difference, but it truly does. Then, with the knowledge piece on board, she takes you on a journey into your body, ever so gently.

It’s a tough transition to make, learning that there is a deeper level of healing that can only happen through the body, not through the mind. Our whole world tells us that we need to talk it out, figure it out, name it, change the belief etc – and while that certainly has an important place, if you don’t go into the body and process stress and trauma at that level, there will always be a vital element missing from your healing.

Now, I know more and more that I can become my own healer, if I just keep practicing these new tools. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

The biggest change for me is that I feel as though I am finally becoming UNstuck. I’m seeing changes in my thinking and in my choices and in my ability to live life more fully. I finally have real hope that profound healing and change is actually possible and that the second half of my life really can be one of health and abundance in ways I can’t even envisage yet. It’s not a quick fix, but I’m pretty certain that the changes that have happened so far are definitely here to stay!

One last piece that has been a really wonderful experience has been the support and sharing that have happened in the very private, very safe Facebook community of people who are doing this work together. We are able to support each other and learn from each other and share this journey, and it’s really special.

-Karen MacKay, Calgary. Alberta. CAN

Registration Will Open Soon

The cost of the program will be $1497 USD or 12 equal payments of $157 USD.

Click the button below to register for the wait list and we’ll notify you as soon as we’re ready!



“This course has left me so much more empowered to make changes in my life and handle stress than years of meditation. Irene has found the perfect blend of do-able, helpful and interesting lessons that will appeal to people very new to body work as well as people who have been doing body practices for awhile. Irene has the unique gift to blend the science and the practice into a course that feeds your mind, body and spirit. I was really blown away.”

– Jo Ilfeld, Ph.D., Executive Leadership Coach. Berkeley, CA.


“TAKE THIS COURSE!! Before Irene’s course, I hadn’t been paying attention to my body’s cues. After the first day, my relationship to stress was permanently altered. Such a powerful start – giving me information I needed to see how I was holding stress IN my body instead of noticing it, tuning in, and using it to my advantage. I began to feel more “myself” when I would tune in and let go of tension in my body. Her genuine care for those she helps is totally present in her voice. I can’t think of a more powerful thing you can do for yourself for such a low investment.”

– Amy MacClain of “Bullet Proof Kids”, Oakland, California.


“Irene is the real deal! She has discovered a way to have your body de-stress so much that you no longer remember what it’s like to have fear, anxiety or resistance. Irene’s work is an absolute must if you want to reach your ultimate potential. She gets my highest recommendation.”

– Bill Baren, CEO & Founder of Bill Baren Coaching. Oakland, California.

Disclaimer: When accessing health and healing information from any content on Scientuitive’s site(s), users acknowledge that Scientuitive has made reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information, but does not guarantee any result(s). USERS EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT THEIR USE OR INABILITY TO USE SMARTBODY SMARTMIND – 12 WEEK NERVOUS SYSTEM REWIRE IS AT THEIR RISK. Testimonials or endorsements on Scientuitive’s sites have not been scientifically evaluated and results experienced vary significantly.